Choosing a Legal Interpreting Service

Essentially, interpreting involves taking something that is said or written in one language and translating it into another language so it is more easily understood by the one receiving the information. This language can be a foreign one or an alternative language such as sign language. At times, it can be legal or medical reports that need to be understood. Interpretation services fall into two categories – in person and in absence. By knowing what category your needs falls under, you will be better able to choose the kind of legal interpreting services to seek out.

In person interpretation can take place in one of five different ways:

  • Consecutive – This is when two parties speaking different languages sit down and try to talk. The interpreter knows both languages and will translate what is said to and by each person.
  • Simultaneous – The interpreter listens to what is being said by someone, such as a speaker, and translates what is being said via a microphone to a larger audience.
  • Instant Phone – This involves a three-way calling system and can help a person translate their needs to someone else, such as a doctor, lawyer or police officer.
  • Sign Language – Often a non-hearing person needs to communicate with someone who doesn’t understand sign language. An interpreter can help bridge this gap.
  • Sight – This is useful when you need a medical or legal document translated so you can understand what it is saying.


Legal interpreting services that can be done without both parties present include:

  • Braille – This can work for either the sighted or non-sighted party to help understand what is going on.
  • Documents – Translating legal and medical reports can be done with a hard copy translation provided to the person needing it.


Calderwood-Mackelprang provides professionally trained and certified interpreters to our clients throughout the Denver Metro Area and across the United States. For all your legal interpreting needs, please contact Calderwood-Mackelprang today!