5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Court Reporter

When you are looking to hire a court reporting company, there are many things you need to consider. First and foremost, however, is whether their staff is capable, intelligent, and  willing to do their very best at every job they take.

Individuals who choose court reporting as a career understand the level of commitment they need to have when it comes to accuracy and reliability. With that being said, the following questions will help you choose the best court reporter and court reporting company to meet your needs.

  1. Do They Service Your Particular Area?
    When hiring a court reporter, it’s a good idea to find out if they service your area. While it’s feasible to pull someone from another state or county which is far away if no local reporters are available, the problem is that it is not cost effective to do so.

  2. Do They Have An Effective Website?
    When looking into court reporting companies, the best way to find information is through their website. If the company has a unique, well-built and maintained website, odds are that you have found a court reporting company which treats its employers well.

  3. Do They Handle All Aspects of A Court Reporter’s Duties?
    It’s beneficial to hire a court reporter who can handle all aspects of a reporter’s job. At any given time, the reporter may be asked to sit in an interview or to hear a private testimony. They must also be willing to travel for their job.

  4. Do They Offer Excellent Transcripts?
    One way to verify that the court reporters you hire will provide excellent transcripts is to allow them to sit in a trial or hearing and do what they have been trained to do for a specific amount of time. If court reporters are allowed to sit in on an actual trial, it will be a good indicator as to how well they will do their job once they are hired.

  5. Do They Have An Excellent Reputation For Quality Service?
    The first thing to verify about court reporting companies is their reputation. Are they considered to be professionals in their field? Are they reliable? Ask courts that have used them in the past to find out whether or not they would use them again. A good reputation normally relates to quality service and dependable staff that are willing to go over and above what is required of them while they are on the job.

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