Complimentary Exhibit Hyperlinking

Calderwood-Mackelprang creates digitized transcripts for trials, hearings, mediations, depositions, arbitrations, etc., that contain exhibit hyperlinking. If an exhibit is ever referenced during a proceeding, we create hyperlinks between every mention of an exhibit in the transcript and the actual exhibit document.

Why is exhibit linking important?

Exhibit linking is guaranteed to save you a tremendous amount of time and energy! This is the best way to manage all exhibits that are exclusive to a particular transcript. While reviewing a transcript or presenting information to a jury, one simple click will take you directly to the exhibit mentioned; no need to sift through papers or computer files.

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Exhibit Linking Process

Following the proceeding, Calderwood-Mackelprang will need a copy of each exhibit mentioned. If we do not receive these exhibits in a digital format, they will be scanned and converted into PDF files. While we create the proceeding transcript, we will link every exhibit we were given every single time it is mentioned.

This service can be requested at a later time if additional exhibit hyperlinks need to be added post-production.

hyperlinking court reporter denver co