Interpreter Scheduling

Calderwood-Mackelprang provides professionally trained and certified interpreters to our clients throughout the Denver Metro Area and across the United States. Whether you need an interpreter for your deposition, arbitration or trial, we guarantee an interpreter that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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2 Tips for Legal Interpreter Scheduling

#1: Prepare

Whether you schedule an interpreter one week or several months in advance, make sure you prepare and send material to your interpreter as soon as possible. This will allow them to prepare for the deposition and be able to provide the most accurate interpretation. Here are a few items to consider giving your interpreter:

  • previous transcripts
  • list of terminology
  • copies of legal documents (ie. notices, patents, complaints)

#2: Don’t Wait

Qualified interpreters are in high demand and sometimes schedule months in advance. It is possible to schedule an interpreter last-minute, but it is very difficult and can sometimes cost more due to travel expenses if a local interpreter is unavailable. Don’t wait! Contact us as soon as possible and we will find you the interpreter you need.

Calderwood-Mackelprang proudly works with the following interpreter companies in Denver and across the United States: