Legal Videography

Calderwood-Mackelprang provides legal videography services to clients throughout the Denver Metro Area and across the United States. We provide only certified legal videographers and deliver your requested video format within 7 days. We offer multiple video formats and will sync the video and transcript upon request.

Why Legal Videography?

Video depositions are indisputable and strong. Unlike a transcript, a video can capture tone of voice, body movements, facial expressions, eye contact, fidgeting, gestures, attitude, and inflection. When judges and jurors can see this type of footage, it can drastically change the result of a trial.


Preparing For A Video Deposition

It is important for you to prepare your client or witnesses before a video deposition. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best video possible:

  • Dress professionally and in neutral colors
  • Control body movement and facial expressions
  • Maintain eye contact and remain engaged
  • Be aware of possible questions
  • Do not volunteer information or make up a response
  • Wait for the attorney to finish the question before answering

To take advantage of our legal videography services or for more information, contact us today!