Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you still have a question after reviewing these, please contact us.

If the transcript isn’t ordered, what will be the total cost of having a reporter present?

The appearance fee will double if the transcript isn’t ordered. If the transcript is ordered at a later date, half of the appearance fee is credited back to the client.

Are there discounts available to new customers?

Yes, we always work with you on a price quote! We are a team!

Are you able to accommodate same-day schedulings?

Yes! We will accommodate your scheduling.

Can Calderwood-Mackelprang accommodate depositions that occur on the weekend?

Yes! We also work on the weekends!

Does Calderwood-Mackelprang offer a free conference room?

We have a complimentary conference room that can comfortably seat 10 people in our office, and we have access to larger conference rooms at our location.

Will Calderwood-Mackelprang find a location with a conference room for an out-of-state deposition and schedule a reporter and a videographer for the deposition?

Let us find the veteran, reliable, and accurate reporter, along with the videographer and conference room location, so you can focus on your case.