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The Secret to Court Reporter’s Fast Typing

Court reporters are trained to take down dictation at the incredible speed of 200 words per minute and can transcribe what you say within 98.5% accuracy. Without this accuracy and speed, a court case could easily be dismantled. At first glance, it looks like court reporters are simply typing quickly to keep up with every […]

7 Advantages of Realtime Court Reporting

As the world is transforming into a more technology-driven domain, realtime court reporting supplies court reporters with improved tools to present accurate translation and transcription at a quicker pace. The latest development in streaming technology has altogether redefined realtime court reporting. Realtime court reporting now enables you to stream and retrieve data over the Internet […]

How To Prepare for a Deposition

If you’ve never been involved with legal matters before, then everything about the process might frustrate and confuse you, and that’s especially true when it comes to your deposition. One of the best ways to deal with your nerves and confusion is to educate yourself about the upcoming legal proceedings. Depositions are essentially a question-and-answer […]

5 Common Misconceptions About Court Reporters

While court reporters have proven to be nearly invaluable to many businesses and firms, there still tends to be plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings of what they actually do.  Since court reporting is so versatile, there’s a wide range of services reporters offer. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about court reporting and some […]