Legal Transcription’s Importance in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies outsource to legal transcription services for multiple reasons, from hearings and depositions to interrogations and private investigations. They need this documentation to build cases against criminals. Other reasons legal transcription is important to law enforcement include:

  • Save time and money while officials focus on enforcement
  • Reduce workload for employees lacking transcription experience
  • Provide quick and easy access to information with digital file management
  • More thorough and accurate work
  • Help build more solid and organized evidence

Here are other reasons why legal transcription is important to federal, state and local officials:

Documenting Evidence
Criminal court cases rely on accurate reporting of evidence, whether it involves print, audio, video or other forms of exhibits. Many city police and county sheriff forces, however, have been understaffed in recent years and do not have adequate resources to conduct legal transcriptions in-house.

Wire Taps
One way authorities catch criminals in the act is by bugging phone calls. The recordings then need to be transcribed as a reference during court trials. This work can be tedious if it involves hours of audio. Although many law enforcement agencies prefer to keep this work in-house to avoid leakage, established relationships with trusted transcriptionists provide an efficient and safe way to document the evidence.

Sometimes, authorities must deal with investigating criminals who only speak a foreign language. Whether it involves wiretapping or interrogations, translators may be needed to act as intermediaries. The recorded audio and video must then be transcribed.

There are various reasons for law enforcement agencies to use transcription services instead of relying on secretaries or other in-house employees. It’s crucial that transcripts are error-free, so hiring professional transcriptionists ensures high quality. Outsourcing allows professionals to get the job done without hiring full-time employees to transcribe. It also helps speed up court proceedings.

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