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7 Advantages of Realtime Court Reporting

As the world is transforming into a more technology-driven domain, realtime court reporting supplies court reporters with improved tools to present accurate translation and transcription at a quicker pace. The latest development in streaming technology has altogether redefined realtime court reporting. Realtime court reporting now enables you to stream and retrieve data over the Internet and rules out the requirement of each and every participant to traveling to a particular location.

What Is Realtime Court Reporting?

Realtime court reporting refers to the instant translation of a stenographer’s shorthand into English. Your electronic gadgets like computer, tablet or phone, when linked to the reporter’s computer, display the translation directly in front of you on the monitor by means of a specialized software program. Testimony is ready within seconds on your screen in a draft form for you to analyze or store for future follow-up.

Why Realtime Court Reporting?

Realtime renders court reporters irreplaceable. It is considered as a remarkable solution to the age- old problem of being substituted with audio recorders. Testimony, exhibits, and many other required data can be secured in a compact, nearly imperishable form. Recovery of this data can be accomplished instantly. Technology also allows you to synchronize the reporter’s notes with the videotape, enabling specific testimony search on the videotape.

Here are the 7 major advantages of realtime court reporting:

  1. Quick Access to Verbal Testimony – Realtime reporting permits all parties in the courtroom including counsel, client, clerks, and legal assistants to have instant access to rough drafts of transcripts, through devices like laptops or smartphones.
  2. Utmost Precision During Litigation – Realtime court reporting can address and resolve issues like lawyers losing focus during objections or recesses etc. by allowing immediate access to previous questions and/or answers to all parties with just a quick keyboard stroke. This credits the realtime court reporting as being the best innovation since the shorthand machine!
  3. Prompt Review – Because of its live features, realtime court reporting enables the counsel’s team members to review the witness’s answers simultaneously during the interrogation process. This allows lawyers to immediately determine favorable testimony and devise any essential follow-up questions. Likewise, the lawyers can easily rephrase questions for any undesired response by a witness.
  4. Private Note Making & Commenting – Realtime court reporting permits all parties to confidentially make notes side by side with the actual testimony to highlight an inconsistency. This also helps retain all the vital action items in memory for future use. This also enables the team member who is physically absent from the deposition to take live notes and make comments remotely and eliminates the requirement for secondary depositions.
  5. Correcting Misstatements – Realtime court reporting enables a lawyer to instantly catch an unclear word or phrase and request the witness to explain the meaning. This method can prove to be a major advantage as it removes the scope of any guesswork and permits the court reporter to include and record the precise words in the final transcript.
  6. Cost-Effective Technique – Realtime court reporting is also beneficial to lawyers because it enables the lawyers to have custody of transcript’s rough drafts even before the generation of the final official transcript. This simplifies the process of preparing deposition on the following day and also proves to be an overall cost-effective option for both the lawyers and their clients than getting an expedited transcript prepared.
  7. Litigation Software Synchronization – Upon receiving the certified transcript, all the parties can smoothly synchronize their specific marks, notes, and issue coding created at the time of the proceedings with the certified transcript using litigation software.

With live transcripts truly at their fingertips, legal professionals can smoothly and speedily impeach witness testimony.

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