4 Steps to Becoming a Court Reporter

The first steps toward beginning a career in court reporting can be as simple as working on some basic skills like keyboarding speed and accuracy while researching the basics of court reporter training. While the keyboards that court reporters use are very different from the classic QWERTY computer keyboards most people know very well, still it is helpful to be very proficient with typing skills. Listening skills are also important as court reporters must be able to hear conversations at the speed of normal spoken speech, understand the words of each sentence, and take them all down correctly. Read more


Common Deposition Questions

A deposition is a process whereby witnesses provide sworn evidence. They are used to gather pretrial information, specifically to discover what a witness may know and to preserve that testimony for later use in court. Depositions usually in the office of an attorney. They are conducted in the presence of a court reporter who maintains a verbatim record of everything said during the deposition. The person being deposed is under oath and must answer all questions posed by the deposing attorney. Deposition questions vary on a case-by-case basis, but introductory, background and deposition preparation questions are fairly standard across the board. Read more


4 Important Things to Keep In Mind for Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a relatively new way for companies to hold meetings without having to have all participants in the same physical location. It works using special software and video and audio hardware to bring all participants together in one platform where they can hold discussions, view presentations and conduct any business as if they were all in the same location. Read more

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6 Important Lessons from Court Reporting School

There are many very important lessons taught in court reporting school, but there are a few you should keep in mind every single day to ensure you can be the best court reporter. Below are 6 important lessons taught in court reporting school that you should never forget.

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7 Reasons Why Video Depositions Are Important for Your Litigation

A legal video deposition can play an important role in your case. When litigation starts, you want to have the most accurate and reliable statements possible. Written transcripts were once used, but with today’s technology, video depositions go a step farther.

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Will Technology Replace Court Reporters?

The importance of an accurate record of legal proceedings cannot be emphasized enough; in many cases, lives literally depend on it. This is why the role of court reporter is such a vital part of the judicial system and will continue to be so even in this age of electronic technology. Some courts have begun experimenting with various recording technologies designed to replace the court reporter which has raised concerns in the legal community and may actually result in an increased demand for court reporters. Read more


The Future of Court Reporting

Few things can replace the value of a trained court reporter. Wielding unrivaled expertise and skill, these stenography experts are the unsung heroes of the courtroom.

However, times change; even the most stalwart of industries have found themselves being eroded away by constantly evolving technology. Court reporting, as it seems, is no exception to this trend. Unlike other career fields, the importance of a human touch in court reporting is not easily replaced. No technological upgrade is going to supersede the human ear. Read more