Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you still have a question after reviewing these, please contact us.

If the transcript isn’t ordered, what will be the total cost be of having a reporter present?

The appearance fee will double if the transcript isn’t ordered. If the transcript is ordered at a later date, half of the appearance fee is credited back to the client.

Are there discounts available to new customers?

Our prices are very competitive, but we offer discounted pricing to all new customers.

Are you able to accommodate same-day schedulings?

Yes. We recommend that you schedule in advance when possible, but we understand that same-day schedulings happen. We will accommodate your scheduling.

Can Calderwood-Mackelprang accommodate depositions that occur on the weekend?

We are able to accommodate weekend depositions.

Does Calderwood-Mackelprang offer a free conference room?

We have a complimentary conference room that can comfortably seat 6 to 8 people in our office.

For larger groups, and groups that need their conference room in a specific area, we partner with Holiday Inn & Suites and OfficeEvolution.

Will Calderwood-Mackelprang find a location with a conference room for an out-of-state deposition and schedule a reporter and a videographer for the deposition?

Let us find the veteran, reliable, and accurate reporter, along with the videographer and conference room location, so you can focus on your case.

Allow us to assist with your court reporting needs throughout Colorado and across the United States. Click on the button to schedule any legal proceeding today. No transferring of calls; the first person you speak with will handle all of your court reporting questions and concerns.  On your first call, we will resolve it all!